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January 23rd, 2022

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Hi Friends,

It’s day 6 of my quarantine after testing positive for Covid. Ugh.

After I got over the fever, chills and body aches on the first day, I have been battling allergy-like symptoms that are kicking my butt. Tired is an understatement.

Today was the first day I actually opened the windows and got out of bed. I was starting to feel like Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka!

I decided to create this mood board (above) to boost my spirits since I literally haven’t left my house for almost a week. Even though the past couple of days has been gloomy, I am looking ahead to the brighter future of leading retreats again, traveling and being Covid-free and healthy.

I only have 3 more rooms left for my Paso Robles retreat in March and the early bird registration for my retreat in Mallorca, Spain ends on February 1st! If you have the itch to get out of your home, see the world, practice yoga, and build lasting memories with me, register HERE.

Until then, stay safe and healthy.

With Love,