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Becoming Resilient

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Imagine…  I was 9 months old and my brother was nearly 2 years old when my dad quit his job without having anything else lined up.

Of course, my mom freaked out, but I think my dad knew deep down that he just had to make it work.

No matter what, he found a way to adapt and continue moving forward. He tried being a locksmith, doing carpet cleaning, delivering food for vending machines, selling mattresses, and eventually started his own business selling blinds and window coverings.

To me, that is resiliency and growing up I have been lucky enough to witness it firsthand. It inspired me to pursue my passions and goals unapologetically. And, if you ever met my father you could easily pick up that I am his daughter.

​However, the last 10 months has really challenged my ego. I was forced to confront my attachment to the path I laid out for myself 8 years ago when I quit my steady job to pursue teaching yoga.

I don’t know what lies ahead, but just like my father did when met with deep uncertainty, I know I am equipped with everything I need to dig deep and be the most resilient version of myself.

​This is one of the many reasons why I co-created The Resilient You Workshop with my friend and mindfulness teacher Orlee Klempner. You are not alone. Whatever challenges, misfortunes, or change you are met with, let’s work together to move through them with resiliency