Croatia Retreat

Croatia Retreat
October 22-28, 2024

Welcome to your rejuvenating wellness retreat in Dubrovnik, a city renowned for its captivating beauty and storied history. Your journey unfolds with a 6-night stay at the luxurious 5-star boutique Hotel More, nestled serenely along the picturesque Lapad Bay. The hotel’s elegant rooms boast mesmerizing vistas of the Adriatic Sea and lush gardens, setting the stage for your tranquil escape. Within the hotel lies the extraordinary Cave Bar More, nestled within a natural cave, creating an enchanting space for you to unwind and savor the moment. In Dubrovnik, you’ll embark on a voyage of relaxation, self-discovery, exploration and well-being, as we invite you to explore the harmonious blend of nature’s beauty, majestic coastlines and nurturing wellness each day..

$200 off – Limited ONLY to the first 10 travelers who book by February 1, 2024

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